Preparing and properly marketing your home for sale is one of the most important services I provide for my clients. The presentation of your home can be the difference in getting top dollar and settling. Let’s work together and develop a great plan to get the most money for your home!



Staging your home can be very valuable when marketing your home. I provide all of my listing clients with tips for getting their homes ready to go on the market. You want to neutralize the home so that everyone walking in feels like they are walking into their new home.

Professional Photos

Under most circumstances, I will contract a professional photographer to capture your home at its best to be featured with your listings online as well additional marketing materials. The more you prepare your home and stage it, the better it will show. 

Virtual Tour

Many professional photographers also include virtual tours at an additional cost. This is a great way to really showcase the layout of a home and give potential buyers the next best thing to an actual tour of your home.

Open Houses

Open houses are an effective way to market your home. These events continue to be a  great way to generate impromptu interest from people already in your area. Start the campaign early in the week by promoting the open house through emails, websites, social media, and advertising. This gives the open house time to generate interest online and increase traffic and interest for your home.


Most people begin their home search on the internet. When your home goes live on, your home will also be picked up by other sites that our local MLS feeds home info to. Your home will be listed on all of the major 3rd party real estate search websites. The internet is probably the most valuable tool for marketing your home for sale. 

Email | Social Media

New listings are emailed and posted to realtor groups and other pages reaching thousands of agents and potential home buyers. I also reach out to all of my personal and professional networks as well.


We live in a predominately digital world when it comes to sharing and delivering information. Online advertising, social media posts, and phone calls are more effective and responsive than print ads. While I still occasionally  print flyers and information for open houses, the majority of advertising and marketing is done electronically for an instant and greater reach and serves potential buyers in a greater capacity. 


The MLS (multiple-listing service) is a marketing organization that is made up of member brokers who agree to share their listing agreements with each other to procure ready, willing, and able buyers. The MLS may also have agreements with 3rd party companies to aggregate listings and be available on their websites.

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